Brother Leaves Voicemails from CPEP 

Brother Leaves Voicemails from CPEP 


Alex, any time, and at a moment’s notice
you should give me the number
I ask for. Unlock my phone, my money
Somebody fucking stole my Gucci scarf
And tell mom my son is not her child
Sister, bring them into the light.

Alex, it’s morning, come into the light
Know I write just like you, you notice?
My father still owes me, when I was a child
He’s on my side now, he’s got my number
connect with him, will you, get me that Louis scarf
Remember? The last time I saw you, that money.

Biden Harris Biden Harris, your father owes me money
He doubled down now his pockets light
I’ma get this Gucci scarf, you too, you the Louis scarf
Go get my portion, put your father on notice
Tell him call me at this number
Don’t talk to me like I’m a child

Alex, talk to mom, stay away from my child
She wants custody, and court costs, I need money
And talk to his mom, do you have her new number?
Sister, I need you to come and shed light
Fuck an order of protection, I just got the notice
His birthday is coming, it’s winter, he needs his scarf

You belong to the family, go get yourself that scarf
clarify to mom my child is not her child
Listen, your older brother’s put you on notice
My artwork on your shoulder, that’s money
Get in tune, know I can help shed light
Fix a three way call with your father, answer my number

Alex, I don’t want to hinder you calling my number
But listen, I found it beautiful to unravel my scarf
I’m proud, to love you, you now in the light
Unlock protection, reunion my child
It’s not all illegal what I do for money
tell the streets I give two weeks’ notice

Outside it’s light and no one answers this number
Please show some sign or give notice, at least send a scarf
and one for my child, what’s care without money?

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