Galyna Kolotnytska, described in diplomatic cables as the “voluptuous blond” nurse who accompanies Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi everywhere, has returned to Ukraine.    —News reports
While everybody says, “Just go!”
His countrymen all surely know
Adversity seems more adverse
Without his nurse.
“He’s bonkers,” people say. “That might
Be why he rants into the night.”
His talks get further still from terse
Without his nurse.
The body count is now quite large;
He’s killed a lot to stay in charge.
And all this killing must seem worse
Without his nurse.
It has to bring this man much pain
To bear the crumbling of his reign
And see his fortunes in reverse
Without his nurse.
Yes, Muammar now has to face
This hatred from the human race
And angry crowds that won’t disperse
Without his nurse.
The banks freeze billions of his loot.
His people sorely want to boot
Him out, or put him in a hearse
Without his nurse.
Could Allah show a bit of mercy
And send poor Mu-Mu back his nursie?