Wisconsin Protests Grow Beyond Madison

Wisconsin Protests Grow Beyond Madison

Wisconsin Protests Grow Beyond Madison

John Nichols joins The Progressive‘s Matthew Rothschild on GRITtv to discuss the forces pushing for Wisconsin’s union-busting legislation.


The Nation‘s John Nichols joined The Progressive’s editor Matthew Rothschild on GRITtv to dissect the forces behind Wisconsin’s union-busting legislation, ranging from the Koch Brothers to Republican ideologues.

Nichols says this bill includes a "sweeping hard right agenda laundry list" that is being "snuck through" the legislative process as an add-on to a "minor so-called budget repair bill." He points out that the bill Wisconsin workers are opposing would restructure government so that Scott Walker and future Wisconsin governors would have far more control not just at the state level but also at the county and municipal levels of government.

The protests against this legislative sleight of hand, Nichols adds, are no longer limited to Madison. They have expanded to other cities in the state, and the war on workers that Walker launched now has fronts in states like Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey and beyond. Go here to read Nichols’ latest posts on the protests.

—Kevin Gosztola

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