Why Do Women Give McCain a Zero?

Why Do Women Give McCain a Zero?

Here’s a sneak peek at what a women’s health clinic could look like if John McCain is elected president.


John McCain’s record on reproductive rights couldn’t be more appalling.
There, we said it! We said it because the corporate media won’t confront
McCain on the real issues in this election. They won’t tell you, for
instance, that McCain has consistently received a big fat zero from
NARAL on its pro-choice scorecard. Nor will they tell you that McCain
has flip-flopped on Roe v. Wade and now supports overturning this
all-too-crucial case.Because the corporate media has failed to do its job, we have to work extra hard to do ours. And so we’ve created McCain’s Clinic, a sneak peek at what a women’s health clinic could look like if McCain were

We must spread awareness about McCain’s record now, especially
considering a recent Planned Parenthood poll found that half of female
voters in 16 battleground states don’t know enough about McCain’s views
on reproductive health. What’s more, one in four pro-choice McCain
supporters would be less likely to vote for McCain after knowing he
opposes Roe v. Wade and backs abstinence-only education.

Here’s what you can do: send this video to everyone you know and Digg
It! By taking these steps, you can help educate female voters in
battleground states about McCain’s anti-choice record.

We’re talking about a man who has voted anti-choice 123 out of 128
times. A man who wouldn’t require prescription coverage for birth
control. A man who voted against allocating $100 million to preventative
health services that would have reduced unintended and teen pregnancies.
A man who could irreparably damage women’s rights in our country unless
we get the word out about him now.

More at: http://therealmccain.com/

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