With Al Gore bowing out of the 2004 presidential race, the field for Democratic contenders is wide open. In a mock people’s primary, WorkingForChange is asking the public who it would like to see running for president in 2004. Is Nader a spoiler or a savior? Can Kerry beat the Bush machine? Does Dean have a chance? Can Daschle ever redeem himself? Tell the Presidential hopefuls themselves what you think. It’s easy to email your favorite candidate, urging him or her to run or, more importantly, in the case of someone like Lieberman, not to run. There’s even a way to draft your own candidate, be it Michael Moore, Bill Moyers, Oprah Winfrey or Ann Richards. And, after that, check out the Center for Voting and Democracy for ways to get involved in the fight for instant run-off voting, a long overdue electoral reform that would open up the US’s two-party system and help allow people outside of the world of moneyed politics to mount legitimate electoral challenges.