Far be it from me to jinx things but I’m not superstitious, reports are that efforts to protect voting rights are working, and the early exit polls, as imperfect as exit polling may be, look good for the Democrats.

So I think it’s high time to recommend some places where progressives may well be partying tonight. The nationwide Living Liberally network’s WhereDoIGoOnElectionNight.com has details on election night party spots, from the Grandview Cafe in Columbus, Ohio to Gentle Ben’s in Tucson, Arizona to Spencer’s Stadium Tavern in Indianapolis, Indiana to the Greek Cusina in Portland, Oregon to the Publick House in Columbia, South Carolina.

We gathered for the primaries. We turned the debates into communal spectacles. Now, it’s Game Seven — don’t watch it alone. With more than three hundred Drinking Liberally chapters across the country, most of you should be able to find a gathering without venturing too far afield. If not, help spur the economy and turn your local watering hole into a de facto Living Liberally party.