FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has said that he will support Title II reclassification, exactly what we need to ensure that the Internet remains a fair playing field for all. We’ve almost won the fight for real net neutrality.

But before the FCC votes on the rules on February 26, we have to ensure that cable industry lobbyists and their friends in Congress do not get in the way. They’ve already tried by pushing fake net-neutrality legislation that would protect cable and telephone companies from real oversight.


Write to Congress now and demand that your elected officials get out of the way and let the FCC do its job. Then to amplify your voice, use the “Internet Countdown” call tool created by the people behind last year’s “Internet Slowdown.”


John Nichols describes how “people power” is winning net neutrality.


To get yourself pumped to act, watch John Oliver’s now classic rant on net neutrality that broke the FCC’s website.