From Greg Kaufmann, comes a look what’s slated to go down on the hill this week:

This week — a gazillion confirmation hearings — way too many to list here. It’s going to be fun to watch the media try to drum up drama — especially because there isn’t any.

It’s full speed ahead with recovery bill negotiations. Filibustering Mitch McConnell will continue talking about “temporary, targeted, and tax cuts” — because that’s all worked so well for the economy so far, right? He’ll also remind us repeatedly how many Americans Senate Republicans still represent (I think it’s 8 now).

It’s a big week for TARP. The Bush Syndicate will probably ask for the next $350 billion, and the Obama team will assure Congress that’s cool because it will be 15 days before the money arrives and by then Bush is GONE. Meanwhile, Congressman Barney Frank is holding a hearing on why TARP has sucked so far. He’ll also bring legislation to the floor that would make it harder for banks to use the next $350B for bonuses, mergers, and other high finance debauchery, and mandate $40-$100 billion for foreclosure relief.

The House will take up SCHIP which is a sure thing this time because even Republicans can’t (always) filibuster healthcare for kids and now there’s no Bush veto… and the Senate will vote on its version of the equal pay bill.

Here’s some stuff you might not hear about: the deficit hawks will gnash their terrible teeth and roar their terrible roars in a hearing on The Debt Outlook and its Implications for Policy — more fodder for a tepid recovery proposal.

Instead, if it’s savings people want, check out today’s expected GAO report — requested by Senator Bernie Sanders — on Pentagon waste. The GAO recently identified over $7.5 billion worth of unneeded spare parts in Navy warehouses on another Sanders’ request. (Want even more savings? Venture off the Hill to the New America Foundation where Joseph Cirincione, William Hartung, and Stephen Schwartz discuss What Price Nukes?)

Here’s a hearing I’m sure will get no coverage but should: Oversight Hearing on Job Creation and Economic Stimulus in Indian Country.

Finally, last week I complained that Van Jones wasn’t included in the briefing on investing in green technologies… Good to see he’s on the Hill this week to testify on Green Jobs and the Economic Stimulus.