The War on President Obama’s Czars

The War on President Obama’s Czars

The Nation‘s Chris Hayes weighs in on steady growth of “bizarre mythology” about Obama and the ongoing witchunt aimed at his administration.


The Nation‘s Washington editor, Chris Hayes, talks to Keith Olbermann about the resignation of “Green Jobs czar” Van Jones. Olbermann points out Jones’ ties to Color of Change, the organization calling for a boycott of advertisers with Fox News’ Glenn Beck, and asks if the reason people are willing to believe ridiculous claims abotu Obama and his appointees is that they are looking for excuses to believe that “the emotion they’re feeling is not racism.” Hayes notes that from the first time Obama stepped into the public eye, there has been a steady growth to the “bizarre mythology” around him. Finally, Hayes says, the lesson that Obama should learn early on from the Clinton administration is that “You cannot appease the gods of reaction with human sacrifice.” Beck and his audience will not go away unless someone stands up to them.

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