After two years, $2.5 billion, hundreds of speeches and dozens of debates, the most historic election campaign in modern American history is finally drawing to a close.

Yesterday, I posted some ideas for actions people can take if confronted with voter suppression efforts.

Click here if you’ve had a problem at the polls today.

One thing I forgot to mention is worth an addendum:, started by internet luminaries Baratunde Thurston and Jon Pincus, is a comprehensive effort to create a hub of information and action around efforts to suppress votes in Election 08. The site offers an incident tracker with a good index and an Action Center, where you can do a lot more than get angry. Incidents already reported today include absentee ballots in upstate New York reading “Barack Osama”; college students discouraged from voting in Virginia and GOP threats to use foreclosure lists to challenge votes in Michigan. (Report incidents here.)

If you haven’t yet voted, you can find your polling place here.

And after you vote, stop by Starbucks for free coffee, and Krispy Kreme, which is offering free donuts all election day.

I also want to recommend Liz Gannes’ guide to election-night coverage. She surveys the traditional media, the new social media, the world of partisan punditry and the rapidly-evolving community of user-generated news and views and offers a good blueprint of what information to get where tonight.

Finally, I don’t want to jinx things but watch this space for info later today on where to party tonight if the polls hold up.