Regular readers of this blog should remember über-talented filmmaker/producer/musician/progressive impresario Sarah Sophie Flickr’s recent rad projects like her Get Out the Vote PSA set to Lesley Gore’s “You Don’t Own Me” and her anti-fracking ad, “Don’t Frack My Mother.”

This Earth Day, Flickr joined forces with the Rainforest Alliance and convened some of her fabulous friends to exhume The Kinks’ classic tune “Village Green Preservation Society” in a catchy lip-synching medley featuring Sean Lennon, Alexa Chung, Tennessee Thomas, Karen Elson and many others. The song, beyond getting you to bop your head and hum along, effectively promotes the idea that small daily actions can make big change.

It’s a fun sing-along with a deadly serious goal: to boost the ranks of the more than 35,000-strong member Rainforest Alliance, which has a goal of improving lives, livelihoods and lands in more than 100 countries around the globe. So enjoy and share the song and find out more about the Rainforest Alliance this Earth Day.