Watch The Nation‘s Naomi Klein on Democracy Now, filmed on location in Copenhagen:


A newly leaked internal document from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change is about to add a new source of pressure to the Copenhagen talks. The document, leaked to the media today, states that the current emission reduction targets–those under the US model, which allows for countries to set their own limits–could, as they stand, lead to a disastrous two to three degree rise in temperature. Klein highlights the enormous significance of this new evidence: "This is the UN itself saying that if all these countries go off and do what it is they’re promising to do…all together, the temperatures will increase by three degrees, which is catastrophic."

And here’s a second segment, in which Klein calls out Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s extraordinarily manipulative announcement from Copenhagen today that the US will contribute to a $100 billion dollar fund only if all UN member states reach a US-approved consensus–and declares it "blackmail."