In the lead up to the war in Iraq, the Bush adminstration made several claims about Iraq’s weapons production capability that we now know were simply not true. But when former US Ambassador Joe Wilson criticized the administration for distorting the facts in order to justify the war, the White House went after Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, leaking to the press the fact that Plame was a covert CIA agent. 

With Fair Game—the new film based on their experience—now in theaters, Plame and Wilson dropped by Brave New Studios to talk about the film and the Bush administration’s culpability for the leak. Starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn, Fair Game tracks the scandal that erupted after Plame’s cover was blown and Karl Rove had said, in Wilson’s words, "it’s OK to go hunt my wife." Click here for more interviews and discussions from Brave New Conversations.