Greg Kaufmann, who’s been following developments closely writes:

Don’t count your 60 Senate votes before they hatch… Look, it definitely looks good. However, there are a couple things we still gotta watch out for: 1) poison pill amendments — especially gun amendments which we don’t necessarily have the votes to shoot down (no pun intended); 2) needing cloture to end the debate. Since we had 62 votes yesterday, odds are we could get 60 again. But here are three votes to watch: Republican Lisa Murkowski supported cloture yesterday but opposes the bill; Republican Thad Cochran voted against cloture last session and for it yesterday; and, finally — a disappointment — Democratic Senator Kay Hagan. She voted for cloture to bring the bill to the floor for debate, but her staff confirmed that she hasn’t made up her mind on cloture to end debate in the event that it’s necessary; nor has she decided whether to support the bill. Now is a great time for her to hear from her constituents — tell her you appreciated her vote yesterday and you look forward to her supporting the bill’s final passage.