Have you been wondering about the best possible moment to donate to the campaign of progressive labor lawyer/ writer/ activist Tom Geoghegan? As you may know, he’s running in the Democratic primary for Rahm Emanuel’s seat in Congress. Well, it’s today. Midnight tonight, February 11, is the FEC filing deadline for campaign contributions.

Why does this deadline matter? A strong showing encourages donations from those who’ve been waiting to see if the campaign has legs. It also attracts press. So far, none of the candidates have gotten much attention in the local media — you could help change that.

Even a small donation, added to others, really helps. So don’t be shy, visit

Tom’s ActBlue page.

Why should you support Tom Geoghegan? He wants to give all Americans single-payer health care. He wants every American to get a decent pension on retirement– social security, as the working people and retirees in his district know all too well, is not enough to live on. He wants to restore controls on banks and the credit industry so Americans aren’t burdened by usurious rates of interest that, until recently, were illegal. And as if that weren’t enough, he’s really smart, he’s honest, he’s pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. He not only wrote one of the best books ever about unions, “Which Side Are You On? Trying to Be for Labor when it’s Flat on its Back,” he’s fought for worker’s rights in court for thirty years. That is not something many politicians can say.

Read more at the campaign website. Read even more about it at The G Spot.