What’s going on?

Twice already, we’ve tuned in to listen to Republicans vilify immigrants, condemn diplomacy, demonize gun control laws, and argue over who hates Planned Parenthood more. But the Democratic candidates have held only one debate so far—and they only have five more scheduled

For the 2008 primary, the DNC held nine debates before Labor Day. This year, only four of the six debates are being held before the February primaries. One of the debates is being held December 19, the Saturday before Christmas.

What’s more, any candidate who participates in a debate outside this absurdly limited schedule will be banned from participating in the DNC-sanctioned debates.

This is not only bad for candidates like Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, who have to compete with Hillary Clinton’s name recognition and air of inevitability. The Republican debates have seen record ratings. So while the GOP’s extreme ideas on women’s healthcare, immigration, and foreign policy are getting an audience, the Democrats are losing a key opportunity to help frame the national conversation.

What can I do?

Join The Nation and RootsAction in telling the Democratic National Committee: we need more Democratic debates.

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The Nation’s writers have been calling for more debates since the party’s schedule was announced earlier this year. Back in September, Katrina vanden Heuvel explained why the party is mistaken if they think that frontrunner Hillary Clinton is better off without additional primary debates. John Nichols has also repeatedly called on the Democratic Party to change its stance, and to go even further by having Democratic and Republican candidates debate and allowing candidates to participate in debates not sanctioned by the DNC.