Taking It To the States

Taking It To the States

We’re trying to survey all the many good ideas being tried outside the range of the Beltway pundits. So tell us about any local, state or municipal initiative in your area that you’re excited about and think is worth emulating nationally.


With Democrats in Congress frequently failing to move forward on an effective progressive agenda, it is time to recognize that some of the most important fights–for education reform, sensible drug policies, environmental protection and clean politics–are taking place beyond the Beltway.

From renewable ballot initiatives in California and Washington to minimum-wage increases in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Montana, Nevada and Ohio, there’s often far more space for debate on the issues, and more opportunities for victory, in statehouses, where even some conservative Republican governors have been forced to accept tax hikes, stronger regulation and reform of the criminal justice system.

Moreover, in states across the country, attorneys general are increasingly in the forefront of fights on everything from access to birth control to price-gouging by oil companies to preserving pensions to preventing state laws from being pre-empted by free-trade agreements.

Now we want to hear what’s going on in your area. In what we expect will be the first of many comprehensive efforts at crowd-sourcing, we’re hoping that you’ll tell us about a state, city, municipal or local initiative happening in your area that you’re excited about and think more localities should be emulating.

Please keep the contributions to not-more-than 500 words. We’ll be publishing the material in the coming weeks. 

Go here to let us know what’s working in your area and how we can get the word out about effective local efforts.

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