This week, you can take urgent action to protect net neutrality, use your Thanksgiving to mobilize your family to fight for a clean Dream Act, and sign up to take the Dream Act fight to your representative’s doorstep.

Take Action Now gives you three meaningful actions you can take each week, whatever your schedule. You can sign up here to get actions like these in your inbox every Tuesday.


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai just announced that the FCC will vote on his plan to gut net neutrality on December 14, only three weeks from now. To defend net neutrality—the concept that all content on the Internet be treated equally—we need action from Congress. Use this tool to demand that your representatives fight for the open Internet.


Sanctuary Homes, a project of Hand in Hand: the Domestic Employers Network and the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), has put together a toolkit to help you talk to your family about a clean Dream Act this Thanksgiving. Designed to follow the lead of Dreamers who are demanding protections while refusing to negotiate away the rights of other immigrants (which is what we mean when we say we want a “clean” Dream Act), the toolkit includes talking points, suggested scripts, directions for calling Congress, and important upcoming dates. You can access the toolkit here.


After you talk to your family, take deeper action to pass a clean Dream Act by joining or organizing a nonviolent direct action at your representative’s office on December 4 or 5. This is urgent. Because Republicans need Democratic votes to pass a spending bill by December 8, Democrats’ best shot at passing the Dream Act is in the next few weeks. To join the actions lead by Dreamers and organized by Our Revolution and various other progressive organizations, sign up here and someone will be in touch with next steps.