Take Action Now: Support Local Journalists

Take Action Now: Support Local Journalists

Take Action Now: Support Local Journalists

Subscribe to your local paper, then help protect the news industry from Big Tech and President Trump.


Last week The New York Times reported on new research showing that Google and Facebook made billions of dollars off local news last year, even as the newspaper industry was in the midst of an economic collapse. Local journalism is in greater jeopardy than ever these days, from both Big Tech’s overreach and President Trump’s antidemocratic assaults on the media.

A healthy society depends on a free press. This week’s Take Action Now shows you how to help support and protect the rights of journalists as well as help save lives at the border.

Take Action Now gives you three meaningful actions you can take each week, whatever your schedule. You can sign up here to get these actions and more in your inbox every Tuesday.


The best thing you can do to support local journalists is to subscribe to your local paper. As Google and Facebook take over the advertising market, newspapers have been forced to depend more on subscriptions than ever before. Show your gratitude by supporting reporters working to keep your community informed.


The House of Representatives is currently debating a bill that would exempt local papers from antitrust laws, allowing them to band together in their pricing negotiations with tech companies. This bill, which has some bipartisan support, would help level the playing field between newspapers and Big Tech; call your representative today and ask them to support it, then sign this petition demanding the Trump administration end its harassment of journalists on the southern border.


Scott Warren founded the humanitarian aid agency No More Deaths, which delivers water to migrants crossing the border; he’s currently being tried on charges brought by Trump’s government and faces years in prison. But you can help carry on his work: Fill out this form to volunteer with the organization in the desert. You can also volunteer locally in Arizona or contribute translation and coding skills from afar.

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