As the impeachment inquiry against President Trump begins, Republicans in the Senate are still holding up a background-checks bill that would save countless lives by preventing guns from getting into dangerous hands. The NRA has historically helped stop bills like this from passing, but the organization is now losing money and facing accusations that it worked as a foreign asset to Russia.

Now’s the time to push for common-sense gun reform. This week’s Take Action Now gives you two ideas to try to help make headway in the gun crisis plus one way to help push impeachment.

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The House’s background-check bill is the first step toward saner, safer streets, but Mitch McConnell is blocking it with everything he has. We need to push our senators to pass the House’s bill before it’s too late: Text CHECKS to 644-33 and Everytown will connect you with your senators and offer guidance about what to tell them.


Moms Demand Action, one of the largest grassroots groups pushing for gun reform, has local chapters across the country that are mobilizing voters ahead of the 2020 election. Find your state’s chapter and attend a march, strategy session, or video call to get connected to the long-term campaign for gun control.


Indivisible is helping lead a unified campaign for impeachment as the House inquiry begins and congresspeople visit their home districts. Visit their website to find out when your representative will be in town and plan to be there and demand they hold President Trump accountable. You can also register an impeachment event of your own and use this toolkit to plan it.