Take Action Now: Stop ICE Raids

Take Action Now: Stop ICE Raids

Help stop deportations in your community by calling representatives and joining the sanctuary movement.


Over the weekend, as President Trump distracted the media with racist tweets about four congresswomen of color, Immigration and Customs Enforcement began a series of deportation raids in major American cities. The Trump administration has been threatening these roundups, and there’s not much info yet about the scale of this latest operation, but we need to mobilize to make sure these deportation actions don’t continue.

This week’s Take Action Now features two ways to fight inhumane ICE raids as well as a campaign to support home-care workers targeted by the Trump administration.

Take Action Now gives you three meaningful actions you can take each week, whatever your schedule. You can sign up here to get these actions and more in your inbox every Tuesday.


The Trump administration released a rule this year that deprived thousands of home-care and hospice workers of the right to join a union as other workers can. The Service Employees International Union plans to challenge the rule in court; add your name now to a petition demanding the administration recognize home-care workers’ basic rights.


Complacency and inaction will only allow ICE to get away with more aggressive deportation practices. Make two calls today: First, phone your representative in Congress to say the ICE raids must end, then help flood ICE’s main line (888-907-6635) with calls voicing your opposition to the weekend’s raids.


Ordinary volunteers can and must be the first line of defense against ICE’s attacks on undocumented immigrants. Use resources from the New Sanctuary Coalition to push your local congregation or faith group to act as a short-term sanctuary in the event of a raid, then help distribute know-your-rights materials in public places near you. You can also help undocumented people in your community prepare emergency plans, and Immigrant Families Together has several local Facebook groups where volunteers are called to action.

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