Last Friday, in New York City, teenage activist Greta Thunberg led tens of thousands of young people in a march demanding action on climate change. This week, as similar marches took place around the world, Thunberg was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, even as the United Nations held a summit on climate change action

The climate strike marches have been inspiring, but we need to stay engaged and vigilant.

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Facebook claims to be committed to reducing its carbon footprint, but the company continues to accept advertising money from fossil fuel producers. Sign this petition from urging the company to ban such advertisements, then share the campaign using the hashtag #FossilFreeFacebook.


Mobilizing voters in purple states will be crucial to beating Trump and controlling Congress in 2020. SwingLeft is organizing letter-writing campaigns to voters in crucial districts. You can write letters to reluctant voters in states like Ohio and Virginia, where competitive state legislative elections really matter.


The Sunrise Movement is hosting a mass video call tonight at 8 pm Eastern time to lay out next steps for the climate movement. If you felt energized by this week’s ongoing actions, join the webinar and commit to one of the organization’s upcoming campaigns.