Take Action Now: Protect Immigrant Families on Food Stamps

Take Action Now: Protect Immigrant Families on Food Stamps

Take Action Now: Protect Immigrant Families on Food Stamps

Read a powerful letter from the Rev. William Barber, then fight for immigrants by getting involved with volunteer opportunities and strategy sessions.


Last week, the Trump administration carried out one of its most brutal immigration raids yet, rounding up more than 600 undocumented workers at seven food processing plants in Mississippi—which served to separate children from their parents on the first day of the school year. Not even a week later, the Department of Homeland Security announced it was considering a “public charge” rule that would target immigrant families who use food stamps and other welfare programs.

This week’s Take Action Now shows you how to fight Donald Trump’s cruel immigration policies and speak out in the aftermath of the El Paso shooting.

Take Action Now gives you three meaningful actions you can take each week, whatever your schedule. You can sign up here to get these actions and more in your inbox every Tuesday.


In the aftermath of the El Paso shooting, the Rev. William Barber and other influential faith leaders have drafted a pastoral letter condemning the racial hatred that inspired the shooting and calling for a progressive coalition to unite against it. Read the powerful letter here and sign on to it to show your support, then share it on social media.


The best thing you can do to help the victims of the Mississippi Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid is donate supplies to the food pantries and churches that are working on the ground in the region. If you speak Spanish or have legal experience, you can volunteer remotely or in person with organizations like the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance and the Southeast Immigrant Freedom Initiative.


Protecting Immigrant Families is hosting webinars this week to strategize in response to the Trump administration’s cruel new public charge rule. Sign up to attend one here or, if you already work with an activist group, consider asking that group to join PIF’s coalition of member organizations.

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