Last week a study from the United Nations reported that climate change is on pace to threaten more than 1 million species with extinction over the next 100 years. It’s critical that we drastically reduce carbon emissions within the next decade.

You’ve heard about the Green New Deal, but this week’s Take Action Now offers complementary ways to hold politicians and corporations accountable for climate change.

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Last week Take Action Now reported that Airbnb had ceased listing rentals in the West Bank. Though the company initially promised to stop, it started the practice again, and Jewish Voice for Peace is mobilizing once more on this blatant backtracking. They’re urging people to deactivate Airbnb tomorrow, May 15, to commemorate the anniversary of the Nakba that expelled Palestinians from their homes.


Reducing emissions isn’t only about protecting our cities from sea-level rise—it’s also about protecting the future of natural habitats on earth. A group of scientists has proposed a Global Deal for Nature, a blueprint for saving earth’s biodiversity. Sign the petition urging world leaders to act, then talk to your friends about planning a trip to Detroit in late July for the second Democratic primary debate: Sunrise Movement will stage what they hope will be a massive protest outside the debate to urge candidates to make combating climate change a major part of their campaigns.


As news cycles come and go, it’s key that we keep our attention on the fight for a carbon-neutral economy. Join a local chapter of 350 or the Sierra Club near you and attend an upcoming talk, rally, or strategy session. This will keep you connected to local fights against pipelines and power plants, and you can also go on hikes to explore and clean up the country’s natural wonders.