Yesterday, more than two hundred activists with Sunrise Movement staged a sit-in at Mitch McConnell’s office on Capitol Hill. The protesters used the action to raise support for the Green New Deal resolution ahead of a preliminary Senate vote on the policy later this week. The Green New Deal program, championed by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and cosponsored by at least 12 senators, would decarbonize the United States economy in an effort to avoid catastrophic climate change while also guaranteeing a job to every working American.

This week’s Take Action Now shows you how to get on the ground floor of the burgeoning campaign, and also gives you ways to support West Virginia teachers and contest a new election in North Carolina.

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West Virginia public-school teachers struck again last week to demonstrate their opposition to a controversial education bill in the state legislature. Their campaign was successful, but the striking school employees, who are already underpaid, missed out on pay while on the picket line. Chip in to a school employees’ strike fund, then voice your support for striking teachers in Oakland, California using #OaklandTeachersStrike.


After evidence of election fraud emerged in a North Carolina midterm race, the state board of elections resolved last week to hold a new election for the country’s last unclaimed seat in the House of Representatives. Help make calls for Dan McCready, the Democratic candidate in the race, by signing up to join his campaign.


After its action on Mitch McConnell yesterday, Sunrise Movement is holding a mass webinar Thursday evening for people who want to get involved with the Green New Deal campaign moving forward. Register for the webinar to learn about how you can build support for the program in your community over the coming months through in-person organizing and direct action.