Wildfires in California this weekend forced hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate and left millions more without power. Flames engulfed the Carquinez Bridge near San Francisco as drivers tried to escape across it on Sunday; another fire broke out yesterday morning, spreading rapidly across hundreds of acres in Western Los Angeles, prompting urgent evacuation orders. This is what climate change looks like. If we don’t act fast, scenes like these will grow far more common.

Now’s the time to declare a climate emergency. This week’s Take Action Now gives you three ways to fight for a better climate future.

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A bill to impose a fee on carbon and give the revenue directly to households, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763), is gaining traction in Congress with 68 cosponsors. Call your representatives to tell them to vote yes.


It’s important to know the truth of what’s happening to our planet. On November 20-21, The Climate Reality Project is hosting a global climate conversation that will bring people together to learn about the threats we face and the solutions at hand. Attend or request a presentation in your community from a Climate Reality Leader. You can also help some of the people most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change by donating to this fund for fire relief for undocumented folks in Sonoma County.


Acknowledging the current climate emergency is a crucial step towards political mobilization. Start by signing this online petition to tell Congress to declare a climate emergency. Then check out Climate Mobilization’s resources for leading a climate emergency campaign in your community. Bring your friends together to implore your local government to take bold action on climate.