As John Nichols writes, the June 5 Wisconsin recall elections are nothing less than a "grassroots rebellion against the determination of Governor Scott Walker and his legislative lieutenants to destroy unions, slash public sector wages and benefits, cut education funding and tear open the social safety net."


If Walker and his allies are removed from office, the results will be seen across the country as a rejection of the idea that cutting taxes for the rich while attacking unions and slashing services will somehow spur job growth. That’s why The Nation is endorsing Tom Barrett for Governor of Wisconsin. A candidate whom Russell Feingold hails as “a lifelong progressive [who] stood with me in voting against the deregulation that led to the Wall Street crash, opposing the Patriot Act and reforming our system of campaign finance,” Barrett is well-known for getting people to work together, keeping lines of communication open and uniting disparate interests. Support and join Barrett’s campaign today. 


This Washington Post report details a tiny group of undecided Wisconsin voters who are now the center of extraordinary focus in a fiercely fought campaign that has become a national battle over worker rights.


In this video, Rachel Maddow calls the Wisconsin recall the second most important election in 2012.


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