Students and Workers Join Together in Wisconsin

Students and Workers Join Together in Wisconsin

Students and Workers Join Together in Wisconsin

In a new video from Madison, students, workers and activists explain the reasons they’re fighting back against Scott Walker’s anti-union legislation.


For over a week in Madison and around Wisconsin, tens of thousands of students, workers and activists have been protesting the “Right to Work” bill Republican Governor Scott Walker is trying to push through the state legislature. In this video from On the Earth Productions, one student organizer says the protests at the Capitol building in Madison have coalesced into the “most impressive, most well-organized, most cohesive movement” she’s ever seen.

In another interview, a firefighter talks about how great it felt to participate in a parade for workers’ rights. He is lending his voice to represent teachers “because if they fall, we all fall.” Professor Erik Olin Wright of UW-Madison also weighs in, saying, “What’s really striking about this moment is the extent to which ordinary workers and students are combined in a struggle.”

—Kevin Gosztola

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