Student loan debt in the US has exceeded $1 trillion—more than credit card or automobile debt—and it is growing. This is a crisis that not only limits opportunities for those struggling to pay back their loans; it also causes a significant drag on the entire economy. Recently, Representative Karen Bass introduced the Student Loan Fairness Act of 2013, a measure that promises meaningful relief for many of the more than 37 million Americans saddled with student loan debt.


Contact your elected reps and implore them to co-sponsor and vote "yes" on the Student Loan Fairness Act of 2013.


This US News report describes in exacting detail how and why Bass's bill would make such a big difference in so many people's lives.


Narrated by student debtors, the student-made doc Scholarslip explores five critical issues: increasing costs of tuition; deteriorating quality of higher education; diminishing value of a college degree in the job market; student dependence on state and federal financial assistance; and the effects on personal lives and aspirations.