Reports are that Rupert Murdoch plans to offer Tony Blair a prominent position in his media empire when Bush’s poodle steps down as prime minister or Gordon Brown finally stages a coup. Now that’s a Fox and Friends episode I’d like to catch.

Just imagine the possibilities…Murdoch could give Tony his own show.

Given the PM’s involvement in the quagmire in Iraq, Fox News should call it: Sticky Situations with Tony Blair. Its focus: public figures who need to wriggle out of a mess of their own making. There would be no shortage of guests.

Take for example Mitt Romney, who recently got himself into a sticky situation by using racially charged slang–“tar baby.” Mel Gibson could provide the Hollywood star factor with tearful explanations about the link between alcoholism and anti-Semitism. And Katherine Harris is a guaranteed weekly guest. After she loses her Senate race, she’ll have a lot to get off her chest.

Of course, all opinion shows needs their recurring segments. Tony Blair’s could be: Peace in the Middle East, Turning the Corner in Iraq, and My Friend George.

Yes, the possibilities are endless. I hope Bill O’Reilly is ready for the competition.