How ‘The New York Times’ Got Ukraine Wrong

How ‘The New York Times’ Got Ukraine Wrong

How ‘The New York Times’ Got Ukraine Wrong

In his appearance on The John Batchelor Show, Stephen Cohen exposes an “astonishing piece of media malpractice” by The New York Times.




On Tuesday, The Nation’s Stephen Cohen joined The John Batchelor Show to discuss Western policy towards Ukraine and the media’s latest attempts to cover it. Cohen began by discussing The New York Times’s recent investigation on the ouster of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, a piece that he called an “astonishing piece of media malpractice.” In their eagerness to justify US support of the new government, Cohen said, the Times completely missed the story in Ukraine—including the fact that multiple independent investigations by scholars, journalists and witnesses have concluded that the sniper attacks in Kiev in February were part of an “ultra-nationalist” coup. The Times article, Cohen went on to say, is “an attempt to airbrush out of history one of the looming questions of how we got into this new Cold War.”

—Naomi Gordon-Loebl

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