In remarks to the National Right to Life Committee Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, PA last June, Rep. John Boehner argued that "when "life takes a backseat to other priorities – personal comfort, economics – freedom is diminished."

Beyond this politicking, Boehner’s anti-choice record is long. He has cast 142 votes on abortion and other reproductive-rights issues. All 142 were anti-choice, including:

  • Voting twice against the Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • Voting eight times against clinic protection for women and doctors.
  • Voting for the dangerous Stupak abortion-coverage ban in health reform.
  • Voting twice to deny federal funding of abortion care to survivors of rape and incest.

Now, after taking his oath of office as the new Speaker of the House this morning, Boehner is the most powerful anti-choice politician in America, and is leading the effort to repeal the new health-care law and, eventually, eliminate abortion coverage for women.

In response, as this video makes powerfully clear, pro-choice Americans nationwide are taking another oath.

Stand with fellow pro-choice Americans today, take the pro-choice pledge, and add your name to NARAL’s map demonstrating pro-choice support nationwide.