One of the most interesting things about the way the war on Gaza has been playing out politically, is that American mainstream, establishment voices have been far more critical of Israel’s actions than usual. The public is split about 50/50 on its support for Israel’s actions, and yet if you read the congressional record or listened to elected American politicians you’d never know it. Al Franken and Norm Coleman put aside their differences to jointly attend a pro-Israel rally. (Nothing wrong with a pro-Israel rally of course, but in this case it’s unmistakably a pro Gaza war rally). And in the US House, as my colleague John Nichols noted, politicians overwhelmingly voted for a resolution that more or less endorsed Israel’s actions.

So it’s against this backdrop, that Rep. David Price of North Carolina’s recent op-ed, despite its shortcomings, bears reading. It’s one of only a few thoughtful treatments of the matter emanating from Capitol Hill. (See also Keith Ellison’s floor statement, quoted in Nichols’ post.)