Since Occupy Wall Street emerged on September 17, more than 1,200 related occupations have taken place coast to coast. In solidarity, Occupy Colleges was formed, focused on the need to engage students on their own turf: campuses. In the past three weeks, more than 10,000 students nationwide have walked out and protested in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Now, it is time for schools to do what they do best: Educate and learn!

Starting November 2, schools across the nation will participate in teach-ins about Occupy Wall Street in hopes of continuing and extending the dialogue that was started by the Occupy Movement. Topics will include; How we got here? Why are we occupying? and, Where do we go from here? These general questions will help facilitate ongoing discussion between professors, students and our communities.

U-Stream has generously offered ad-free accounts to students who wish to broadcast their teach-in live and Occupy Colleges strongly encourages this. By broadcasting live, colleges will be able to introduce the conversation to a larger audience. We hope to be a platform for students to learn as much as they possibly can about Occupy and to stand in solidarity with other occupations.

There are currently thirty-five colleges signed up to participate in the National Solidarity Teach-In November 2-3 and more schools are signing up every day.

Here’s a summary of what a few schools are planning:

Occidental College
“On November 2nd, at lunch, Professors Robert Gottlieb and Peter Dreier will take microphones and begin an informal lecture and discussion. Professor Gottlieb will discuss his experience organizing with SDS in the 60s, while Prof. Dreier will discuss why the Occupy movement is happening and where it should go next. Students will be invited to respond, ask questions and debate.” From Guido Girgenti of Occidental College

California State University-Bakersfield
On Oct. 31st, we will be doing a banner drop to raise more awareness and get students excited for our November 2 Teach in. On November 1st, we will be doing a guerrilla art performance demonstrating the injustice of a new program set for the CSU system by Chancellor Charles Reed, in which students will be expelled from colleges if they "take too long" to graduate. On November 2, we’ll be live streaming through UStream, and will be documented through Twitter and Facebook. Four professors will speak and students will march and rally other students to come to the next lesson. There will also be "round tables" in which students can participate in discussion with others and a "tent city" in which students can study.
From Ericka Hoffman of California State University at Bakersfield

Saint Mary’s College of California
On both November 2 and 3, there will be teach-ins featuring faculty and students speakers on the chapel lawn.

Brooklyn College
A school-wide Teach-in will take place on November 3rd at 12:15 featuring Professors Nancy Romer and Corey Robin, a Nation writer.

The University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University and Duke University will team up on November 3 for a two-part all-day teach-in.

We have a stream of information flowing into Occupy Colleges, so keep checking back — and let us know if you’re planning your own event! We’ll post a schedule with dates, times, and speaker information for each school.