The Nation’s Washington editor Chris Hayes visits The Rachel
Maddow Show
to discuss the status of health care reform and the
differences of the bill’s future between the Senate and House. Hayes
explains that while in the House there is a “real movement…to coalesce
around a real intent to pass it,” the Senate “looks a little tougher.”

Because the Senate bill is unlikely to pass as it stands, the bill will
have to go through a reconciliation process, which means the Senate will
pass a smaller package with changes that the House must pass in order to
send it to the president. Hayes says there are three major issues that
will be amended by the Senate: the excise tax, national versus state
exchanges and subsidies.

Though Hayes is optimistic and believes the votes in the Senate will be
there in the reconciliation process, he is worried about a lack of
leadership in the Senate to make the process happen quickly. “The Senate
needs to show good faith in that they’re going to move this through
reconciliation,” Hayes says. “And the sooner the better.”

Morgan Ashenfelter

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