The Showdown in Chicago is on! The ABA’s annual convention has become the scene for a series of major protests, which are set to continue through Tuesday, when a major march and rally is planned. Dubbed “the Showdown in Chicago,” thousands of Americans are demonstrating against Wall Street banks and calling for real financial reform.

Groups like the National People’s Action, the Service Employees International Union, Americans For Financial Reform and the AFL-CIO have turned out thousands of protesters. Sen. Richard Durbin (D – Illinois) addressed the protesters last night. Other conference speakers include Newt Gingrich, conservative columnist George Will and FDIC chairman Sheila Bair.

Read my colleague Esther Kaplan’s eyewitness report from the scene of the protests for details on what the protesters are demanding.

Watch this video taken this morning for a sense of the action:

Then, check out the Showdown in Chicago website for the latest updates, a wealth of background resources, and a raft of ways you can get involved in the fight to radically reform our financial system .

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