Should Wisconsin Recall Governor Walker?

Should Wisconsin Recall Governor Walker?

Should Wisconsin Recall Governor Walker?

The Wisconsin governor’s actions throughout the past three weeks have angered the public to the point that many are now pushing for recalling the state’s Republican legislators.


Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s actions throughout the past three weeks have angered the state’s citizens and motivated average people across the state to push for recalling many of Wisconsin’s Republican representatives. That the Republicans forced their anti-worker bill through the legislature in a late-night session with little warning was highly irregular, and left many Wisconsinites wondering: is what Walker just did even legal?

The Nation’s John Nichols told MSNBC’s The Ed Show last night that Walker’s attack on unions has mobilized the state’s citizens, and their anger is spreading throughout the country. After Walker signed the bill to end collective bargaining for most public workers this morning, protesters took to the streets, and thousands more are expected to turn up tomorrow for rallies across the state.

—Sara Jerving

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