1. Feeling around for ideas in the dungeonette
2. Scattershot remnants of tulle and fur
3. To quell an especially decorative urge
4. The taxidermy machine in the hall
5. I enjoy life for a day or two
6. A set of alpaca calipers and an alpaca, in a plaza
7. To have banished disreputable grammar
8. Purloining a moment from the restless ocean
9. Vignette of a cat on a lap, ruminative
10. Before it all kicks off

11. Overheard: squawks from the surveillance pavilion
12. Adjective meaning “pursuivant to fishiness”
13. I take the case with a gothic reluctance
14. To the cave of the giant sloths
15. A salmon, a sirloin, a sticky situation
16. Getting pelted with elaborate hairballs in the kisser
17. Truth or carrier bags
18. I vanquish the wrong evil mastermind
19. The return of the alpaca
20. On the run

21. What dissemblers take for granted, sometimes
22. To tweak a surreptitious plan
23. One camelid down, one to go
24. Last ham standing
25. I relinquish my new friends with regret, and doughnuts
26. Sloping off to the hair palace
27. Having ravished a library for unseemly cheeses
28. Girdles within girdles, or faux circumference
29. A cob peering eerily through a sinister window
30. Dissection island