Scenes from ‘My Life as Sherlock Holmes’

Scenes from ‘My Life as Sherlock Holmes’

Scenes from ‘My Life as Sherlock Holmes’


1. Feeling around for ideas in the dungeonette
2. Scattershot remnants of tulle and fur
3. To quell an especially decorative urge
4. The taxidermy machine in the hall
5. I enjoy life for a day or two
6. A set of alpaca calipers and an alpaca, in a plaza
7. To have banished disreputable grammar
8. Purloining a moment from the restless ocean
9. Vignette of a cat on a lap, ruminative
10. Before it all kicks off

11. Overheard: squawks from the surveillance pavilion
12. Adjective meaning “pursuivant to fishiness”
13. I take the case with a gothic reluctance
14. To the cave of the giant sloths
15. A salmon, a sirloin, a sticky situation
16. Getting pelted with elaborate hairballs in the kisser
17. Truth or carrier bags
18. I vanquish the wrong evil mastermind
19. The return of the alpaca
20. On the run

21. What dissemblers take for granted, sometimes
22. To tweak a surreptitious plan
23. One camelid down, one to go
24. Last ham standing
25. I relinquish my new friends with regret, and doughnuts
26. Sloping off to the hair palace
27. Having ravished a library for unseemly cheeses
28. Girdles within girdles, or faux circumference
29. A cob peering eerily through a sinister window
30. Dissection island

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