Scahill on Olbermann, vanden Heuvel on The Ed Show Tonight

Scahill on Olbermann, vanden Heuvel on The Ed Show Tonight

Scahill on Olbermann, vanden Heuvel on The Ed Show Tonight

Check out two Nation contributors on MSNBC tonight, talking Times Square and the politics of BP. 


A big night for The Nation on MSNBC: The Nation‘s Editor & Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel will be on MSNBC’s The Ed Show (6PM ET) at the top of the show tonight discussing the politics of BP – accountability and energy policy in the wake of the oil spill. The Nation‘s Contributing writer and new blogger Jeremy Scahill will be on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight live from Blackwater CEO Erik Prince’s hometown, Holland, MI. This week Scahill exposed secret tape recordings by the reclusive and controversial Prince. Tonight’s segment will likely focus on the Times Square bombing, and whether or not U.S. Special Forces were involved in the arrest of Faisal Shazad. No hit time yet for Scahill’s segment; check The Nation‘s twitter feed for updates. We’ll have video here of both appearances tomorrow. 

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