On February 6, the Postal Service announced that Saturday first-class mail delivery is scheduled for elimination at the beginning of August—the latest and deepest in a series of cuts that threaten to so undermine the service that it will be ripe for bartering off to the private delivery corporations that have long coveted its routes. As John Nichols has written, this matters because the USPS continues to provide a vital public service with many post offices serving as de facto community centers and with the mail becoming a critical prescription drug delivery system.


Implore your elected reps to block the USPS from cutting Saturday service and to allow it to compete by providing bridge funding for the service and by developing a plan that allows the Postal Service to compete in the digital era.


Nichols foresaw the manufactured crisis of the USPS back in August and made clear that the issue was never one of declining mail volume or bureaucratic inefficiency.


This recent episode of Democracy Now! explained why the USPS's financial “crisis” has been entirely manufactured by critics cynically hoping to privatize the post office.