Former state senator and US Senate candidate Burt Cohen (who currentlyhosts a progressive radio talk show) brings us news of a stunning upset inNew Hampshire’s first congressional district. No one thought CarolShea-Porter could beat the well-funded, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee-endorsed, middle-of-the-roadcandidate Jim Craig, but she did 54 percent to 35 percent. Her campaign spent about one-fifth of whatthe DCCC candidate spent.

Cohen, who remains cordial with Congressman Jeb Bradley (dating back totheir terms in the state house), reports that Bradley is indeed scared. Fortwo years Shea-Porter, a former social worker, dogged Bradley at townmeetings throughout the district. Focusing her primary campaign on heropposition to the war, Shea-Porter developed a knack for getting underBradley’s skin and winning her debate points. He is not surprisingly duckingher challenges to debate. Cohen reports the presidential wannabes nowswarming the Granite State, will be helping–but Shea-Porter’s real strengthis an army of grassroots volunteers. Now if she can buy TV ads, many believeshe can win in November.