In round 1, Stewart slammed CNBC ranter Rick Santelli’s
infamous screed
. CNBC took more body blows in Stewart’s interview on
The Late Show With David Letterman. In round 3, The Daily Show
delivered an
appropriately cynical apology to Jim Cramer
for its characterization of the
financial madman’s repeated support for Bear Sterns in the weeks and
months before the firm collapsed. In what looks to be the penultimate
of this protracted media battle, Stewart recaps the action and enlists
the help of some of the MTV Networks’ biggest stars to help him in his
fight against the CNBC
financial bubble machine. The definitive final round is slated for
Thursday night, when the
embattled host of Mad Money is due to appear on The Daily Show–that is
unless Kramer, like Santelli before him, decides he can’t stand
Jon Stewart’s tough love

Corbin Hiar

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