Congratulations to the Roosevelt Institute and kudos to its new Pipeline group of Fellows who will join the Roosevelt Institute's Four Freedoms Center beginning next month. The idea behind Pipeline is to create a national network of young professionals connected to the progressive movement who can begin to inject new ideas into the national debate around issues critical to the future of our society.

Representing the most promising young progressives of the Millennial generation, Pipeline Fellows work with established experts in the Four Freedoms Center to develop strong voices and innovative policy solutions suffused with the critical perspectives of young people.

This year's Fellows are a well-chosen and remarkable bunch: journalist and Nation contributor Nona Willis Aronowitz, security analyst Caitlin Howarth, human rights activist Sabrina Hersi Issa, and tax reform expert Elizabeth Pearson.  Their areas of focus include Aronowitz’s research on how the Great Recession has reshaped the Millennial generation and the future of the economy, Pearson’s study of how the pro-tax coalitions of the ‘50s and ‘60s can inform today’s progressive dialogue, Howarth’s exploration of how modern technology can aid nontraditional groups affected by global conflicts, and Issa’s work on modern famine, foreign aid, and the political implications of humanitarian disasters.

The new Fellows will be publicy introduced at the Roosevelt Rising conference in New York City on November 9th with a keynote address by MSNBC host and Nation editor-at-large Chris Hayes.

Watch this video to learn about some of the most creative ideas being proffered by Pipeline alums.