Ron Perelman. A fixture in New York society. Gorgeous wives. Patricia Duff. Ellen Barkin. Didn’t like any of them having a timeline to do their stuff–whether active political work with Al Gore and the Democratic Party (this, with Duff) or any timeline to get back into movie projects (this, with Ellen Barkin who, Lew Wasserman, MCA head, once told me was the hottest actress he’d ever seen–this, after her scenes with Al Pacino in Sea of Love. This month she stars in the repertory cast of Ocean’s Eleven or Thirteen.)

Well, true to form, Ron is holding a pricey fundraiser for House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on June 4. Hoyer’s the man who undermined, along with some other Dems, the attempt to pass a funding bill with a timeline for withdrawal. On June 4, head to 36 East 63rd to protest *peacefully* outside out of Perelman’s townhouse….Tell Hoyer that it is time to stand with his Caucus– and end this war and occupation.