The Rime of the Ancient Candidate

The Rime of the Ancient Candidate

A home in every port.


(John McCain adapts Samuel Coleridge’s epic)

You’d know at once that I am not
Some liberal elitist.
I’m just a beer and burger guy
Who finds a cook-out neatest.

Unlike Barack, I wouldn’t eat
Arugula instead.
So what if I’m a little long
On spots to lay my head?

Houses, houses everywhere,
Not one of them a shack–
So many it’s not strange I have
Some trouble keeping track.

Houses, houses everywhere–
Abodes in the amount
No short-term memory’s involved
In failing to keep count.

To folks who fear they’ll lose a home
As mortgage markets swerve,
I have some practical advice:
Keep six more in reserve.

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