“I believe I could do a really good job for you. If you give me the chance.” Those are the words of Dorrel Johnson, a 32 year old woman applying for a job after being incarcerated for fifteen years for “criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.” Johnson is a creation of the artist Rha Goddess, in a portrayal of the difficulties involved in finding a job if you have a criminal record. Though Johnson’s crime was minor, and happened before she was even technically an adult, she has been hard-pressed to get an interview because of her past, much less find steady employment.

Rha Goddess is a hip hop artist, playwright, and performer. She created Opportunity Now! Stories from the Frontlines of Economic Justice and Recovery as a series of filmed monologues in response to the barriers facing employment and livelihood for people of color, poor people, immigrants and women. Be sure to check out the other videos in this series:
Advocates’ Anthem