Rethinking Afghanistan: Is Obama’s Strategy a Dead End?

Rethinking Afghanistan: Is Obama’s Strategy a Dead End?

Rethinking Afghanistan: Is Obama’s Strategy a Dead End?

Unified in their opposition to the war in Iraq, liberal and antiwar groups are finding little common ground when it comes to Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan.


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The Obama administration has laid out its strategy for stabilizing and
rebuilding Afghanistan: sending an additional 21,000 troops,
strengthening the army and police forces, and establishing what Obama
calls clear metrics for evaluating progress. Not everyone agrees. Robert
Greenwald of Brave New Films
says it is a flawed approach and is calling for a US policy that does
not rely on military force.

But Obama is winning support from his liberal base, particularly the
Center for American Progress whose recent report, <a
sustainable_afghanistan.html”>Sustainable Security in Afghanistan,
calls for even more troops than Obama has pledged. Organizations and
individuals who opposed Bush’s policies in Iraq have voiced their
support for Obama’s war. Robert Greenwald, Terry Rockefeller of <a
href=””>September Eleventh Families for
Peaceful Tomorrows, Kathleen Foster director of Afghan Women: A
History of Struggle, and Sean Duggan of the <a
href=””>Center for American Progress
discuss the future role of the US in Afghanistan.

For more on the program and archives visit <a

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