There’s a well-known political axiom and historical truth, says Rachel Maddow, which states that "the sitting president’s political party rarely gains seats during the mid-term elections," and that the party not in power is "counting on buyer’s remorse during the mid-term elections." This means good things for the Republican party in November, right? Well, not if they continue to show only what they are against rather than what they actual stand for.

Maddow calls on Nation Washington Editor Christopher Hayes to analyze the Republican Party’s rift over whether BP has been treated unfairly. Hayes says, "The power of the conservative movement is in the media infrastructure, I think, as much as it is in the elected leadership.” Republicans are actually going against the Rush Limbaughs of the conservative side, the ones they once were scared to cross. According to Hayes, the GOP is at "a breaking point."

—Melanie Breault