Rachel Maddow continues to highlight Republican hypocrisy over the
stimulus, calling out several Congress members who both criticized and
praised the stimulus bill throughout the year. Maddow points out that
according to Think Progress, 111 Republican Congress members have
demonstrated hypocrisy on the issue, which is the majority of

Maddow turns to Washington editor of The Nation Chris Hayes to
get his take on whether the Republican hypocrites will ever be
officially confronted. “What’s really important to hammer home here is
that this is not new,” Hayes says, pointing out that the size of
government grew under Reagan and when Republicans controlled the federal
government. “They may talk about how much they hate spending and how
much they love small government, but never, ever, ever do they deliver

Because Republicans are so hypocritical with the stimulus, they will
never be able to negotiate, Hayes argues. “They are so committed to, you
know, detaching themselves from any policy successes that come out of
this White House that they can’t be asked to negotiate in good faith on
any single policy issue.”

Morgan Ashenfelter

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