‘Republican Gomorrah’ and the GOP Crackup

‘Republican Gomorrah’ and the GOP Crackup

‘Republican Gomorrah’ and the GOP Crackup

Nation contributor Max Blumenthal on the right-wing tea-baggers, sex scandals, religious fanaticism and zombie mentality that are driving today’s Republican party.


Max Blumenthal talks to The Nation about the ideas in his new book, Republican Gomorrah. He details how the Christian right has captured the soul of the Republican party, resulting in a total disintegration of ideas and power. In looking at the multitude of Republican sex scandals and criminality that we saw during the Bush era, Blumenthal poses his theory on why The Christian right has has attracted politicians like Mike Huckabee, Larry Craig, Ted Haggard and David Vitter: they believe that they are inherently sinful, and have no capacity to restrain themselves without God.
Blumenthal goes on to say that Republicanism is not dead, it is simply a zombie that has no agenda but to try and mobilize resentment for Obama.

Alana Levinson

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